How can I get involved in school?


There are many ways to get involved in our school community.

  1. Talk to your child's teacher about helping out in class.

  2. Join our Home and School Committee

  3. Volunteer for school trips and other school events.

  4. Coach a sports team.

  5. Manage a sports team.

  6. Become a reading tutor.

  7. Run to be elected as a Board of Trustees representative.

  8. Be a gardening mentor.


Katie Mason


Parent Representatives

Anri Van Deventer

Elizabeth Carter

Gail Cheer

Lee Tymkin 

Melu Suerte Dunlop

Michelle Keighley

Stephen Horne

Our Home and School Committee works quietly behind the scene to raise funds for the benefit of our students and teachers.  Some of the programmes funded by our Home and School last year were:

  1. Footsteps

  2. Transportation costs for activities

Our Home and School Committee meets once a month in the staff room,

so if you are interested, do come along to our meeting. 


The date for each upcoming Home and School Committee will be announced in the school newsletter which is sent fortnightly through Signmee.