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Our vision for Tōtara Park School is to grow lifelong learners for a changing world.  We work our hardest to provide a caring and nurturing environment in which your child is placed at the centre of everything we do.  The meeting of individual needs of our students and the strengths of our dedicated teaching staff are the key ingredients to the success of our school.

Our goal is for every child to:

  • enjoy and look forward to coming to school;

  • be literate and numerate;

  • ask questions and know where to find the answers to those questions;

  • participate in and enjoy physical education;

  • feel safe;

  • feel valued for who they are;

  • be recognised for their individual skills and abilities.

We have high expectations of student achievement and we pride ourselves on our abilities to provide the essentials for our students and the skills they will require for their lifelong learning.  The school is very well-equipped with excellent teaching resources and has the backing of a very supportive community.  Our teachers employ the latest teaching strategies and techniques to give our students the skills they require for lifelong learning.

This caring and safe learning environment, supported by the Board of Trustees and the Home and School Committee, contribute to the warm and inviting school climate.  The Board of Trustees supports school programmes by providing sound governance so that our teachers can do what they do best - teach.  The Board also provides teacher aides who work in all classes during the week to enable teachers to meet the individual needs of every child.  Our Home and School Committee provides the extra support and funding required to run our programmes.

If you are a new family, I welcome you to the community and look forward to developing a positive working relationship with you.

Joel Webby