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Raising Concerns

We understand that you might have some concerns you want to raise at school.  We have a process in place and below are some guidelines to help you navigate through it.

Raising Concerns to the Teacher

If you have a concern or complaint about a situation that happened in the classroom or playground, your first point of call is with the teacher-in-charge of the classroom.  Should the teacher feel that this is outside her/his jurisdiction, s/he would then bring the matter to our Principal.

Raising Concerns to the Principal

Our Principal is in-charge of the daily management of the school, staff and students. 

If the matter cannot be resolved satisfactorily with the teacher or if it is outside her/his jurisdiction to deal with it, please raise it with Joel by emailing him or ringing the office for an appointment to discuss this further.

Raising Concerns to the Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is responsible for ensuring that the school operates within the laws and policies of the Ministry of Education. 


If you are unsatisfied with the outcomes of the matter you raised with our Principal, you can bring this to attention of the Board of the Trustees.  All concerns or complaints made to the Board of Trustees must be done in writing and addressed to the Chairperson of the Board.  This can be in the form of an email or a letter. Please approach our Office Manager, Carol Hunt, for the email address to contact our Chairperson.


The Board may seek legal or industrial advice in regards to the matters that need such advice.

Raising Concerns about the School

All concerns about the school should be discussed in the first instances with our Principal. 


If you are unhappy with the decisions made in regards to suspension or stand-down, you may direct them to the Ministry of Education.  In most cases, the Ministry of Education will still redirect you to the school as it is expected that schools are self-governed.

Raising Concerns about a member of the Board of Trustees

All concerns about a member of the Board of Trustees should be discussed with our Principal. 

Totara Park School Board of Trustees are supported by New Zealand School Trustees Association